Monday, August 19, 2013

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Leadville Silver 50 Bike Race

Need a nice challenge? Then forget this one. It’s nasty. Cut the Leadville Trail 100 in half. Remove all the easy parts. Throw in technical descents. Burning lungs. Wild animals. And I have a good understanding of what I'm about to get into.

A leadman is the focus of the year besides the other 100 mile races that I signed up for. Leadman consists of 5 races in Leadville Colorado. I chose to do the bike race over the foot race because I'm not that good of a biker and I'm not trail savey. I have a lot of fear. Unlike some bikers who has no fear. I needed to train for the 100 mile bike race which will probably be my main challenge. The race went very well. Me and my daring friend Chad Carson maintained 150th position out of about 800 mountain bikers. Where we have been training very hard on our VO2 MAX and endurance it kept us up towards the lead of the pack despite our lack of skill on the trail and bike savey. In the next 5 weeks we hope to get out at least 5 more times on the trail to fine tune our skills. This is our 5th time EVER on a mountain bike trail event. Though the bike race was very challenging and fun it will never take over my ultra running passion. I definately found a new hobby to focus on that will help take me to the next level on my ultra running. This is something that I definately reccomend to those who want to go to the extreme.

This is a USA Cycling sanctioned race.

The 50-mile out-and-back course takes racers through the historic mining district on the east side of Leadville, passing many grand and historic gold and silver mines. It will begin at the Cloud City Ski Hut (located just below Colorado Mountain College on Hwy. 24 on the south end of Leadville.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bighorn Trail 100 Mile Run

The Bighorn Trail 100 Mile Run is an arduous trail run that will take place in the Little Bighorn – Tongue River areas of the Bighorn National Forest. Starting time for the event will be 11 AM, Friday June 15, 2012, with a 34 hour (average pace of 2.94 mph) time limit to finish the event. Runners must be prepared for potential extreme temperature variation and weather conditions during the event with possible temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day in the canyons and well below freezing at night in the mountains. The course is wild and scenic traversing territory inhabited by elk, deer, moose, bears, cougars, mountain lions, and rattlesnakes with the potential for wildlife encounters with runners. Crew access points on parts of the course are limited and the runner should be prepared to carry a fanny pack and or other necessary equipment to ensure their ability to safely traverse difficult remote mountainous trails in potentially unpredictable weather conditions. The course is an out-and-back consisting of 76 miles of single track trail, 16 miles of rugged double track jeep trail, and 8 miles of gravel road with approximately 17,500 feet of climb and 18,000 feet of descent.

The Ogden Boy's took charge of the Big Horn Mountain Range!!!

9th 1079 Cory Johnson 10:02:00 15:04:28 4:36:05 10:43:12 24:43:12 46 M Ogden 14:00

t0th 1121 Tom Remkes 10:02:00 15:04:39 4:35:47 10:43:12 24:43:12 49 M Ogden 14:00

11th 1147 Bryce Warren 10:02:00 15:04:53 5:03:30 10:53:31 24:53:31 40 M Ogden 14:00

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Squaw Peak 50-mile Trail Run

COURSE: It is a very challenging, difficult and scenic loop course through the Wasatch Mountains above Provo, Utah. The trail will be marked. It consists of - dirt trails (43%), dirt roads (38%) and some paved (19%). The paved sections are: The first 2.1 miles from the start at Vivian Park down the Provo River Trail to the first Aid Station. Then at the 22.7 mile mark, for 3.7 miles when you come out onto the Hobble Creek Road, and the last 3.7 down to the finish.

There is over 14,000+/- ft. of elevation gain and loss, with 5 major climbs varying from 1100 ft to nearly 3000 ft. The first starts at mile 2.1. A series of climbs takes you up 2700 ft. over 5 miles to an overlook of Squaw Peak. Check out the Trail Map and Course Elevation Profile page to see what the course looks like. The last and most difficult climb takes you from the top of Berryport Canyon, to the high point of the course just before and above Windy Pass at about 9300 ft.

Depending upon which topo map you look at there are two different trails in this section. On the 7.5 minute series (1:24000) the trail around peak x9297 goes around to the north. Both 30X60 minute series (1:100,000) maps I have used, show the trail going across the south face of peak x2834 (meters). The one on the south side is the trail we use on Race day by which time there should be little if any snow on this side, as you approach the high point of the course about a mile before Windy Pass . From here the course drops almost 4000 ft over the next 9+ miles back to the Finish at Vivian Park.
Cory Johnson last reported finishing the race at station 11 at 15:22:54Runner finished the race in 10 hours, 21 minutes, 54 seconds (10:21:54)

Left0Start (Vivian Park)0START05:01:002Hope Campground5.5806:03:0006:03:003Rock Canyon11.8807:06:0007:06:004Buckley Draw15.4507:48:0007:49:005Spring Creek20.6508:48:0008:40:006Pole Heaven Gate25.309:47:0009:47:007Spring Creek Canyon29.810:37:0010:38:008Buckley Draw/Oregon Ave33.52No RecordNo Record9Rock Canyon Trailhead38.912:39:0012:41:0010Hope Campground44.814:23:0014:25:0011Finish (V. Park)5015:22:54FINISH

I was somewhere around 10th to 15th place. Out of 200-300... I was feeling GOOD!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ogden Marathon

Back in October my office gal Dixi asked me if I would run with her in the Ogden Marathon. Dixi has never ran in a marathon before and she wanted to experience what marathon running is all about, so we signed up. 6 months later, come Saturday morning we met up for her 26.2 mile run. The marathon started up around Causey Damn. Where Red Rock outfitters is. Dixi was quite nervous, because she felt under trained, but she was very excited. She started out pretty strong, but then started bogging down around mile 17 just as I told her she would. I stayed with her and I was feeling good running at a slower pace then I'm used to, but last 10 miles or so Dixi was having problems with her hip flexors and we had to stop a bit along the way to stretch them out. Dixi finished at around 5 hours and she enjoyed her experience with her first marathon! Dixi plans on running the marathon next year. Only this time she says she'll train a lot more at a faster pace. I realized this is my new pace for ultra running.Celest, Dixi, Cory

Thursday, April 7, 2011

American River 50 Mile

"It's time to race boys!!! Let's get Crack'n!"

The race begins approximately one mile south of the Guy West Bridge in Sacramento on the American River Parkway. The American River Parkway is the nation's longest, continuous wild and scenic riparian parkway in a major metropolitan area and the jewel of the Sacramento region.

Runners will follow the American River Parkway for the first 19 miles to the Hazel Bluffs. This first part of the race is on pavement. However, the shoulder of the bike trail has decomposed granite for a softer running surface. After crossing the Hazel Avenue Bridge, runners will ascend on a single track trail to the Hazel Bluffs. Upon descending from the Hazel Bluffs, the course will re-connect with the bike trail and intermix with fire roads and single track trails through mile 22. From mile 22 to mile 27, the course re-joins the pavement. After reaching Beal's Point at mile 27, runners will enjoy single track trails for the duration of the run to Auburn. At mile 46, runners will climb the infamous "Dam Wall." Runners will be greeted at the summit by the Last Gasp aid station. With 3 miles to go, motivational mile mark signs, will boost your spirits as you tackle the last climb. The "Party at Mile 49" with cheering enthusiasts, an inflatable frog and ice cold cokes will send you off on your victory mile to Auburn.

I was fighting RSV and didn't think it would effect my running, but it did. I could breath in very well, but I couldn't breath out, which I think had a chain reaction. This is my excuse for not performing as well as I thought I would. Or hoped. My legs locked up and my hips was feeling a bit tight. Maybe having run the buffalo 2 weeks prior could have made the affect on my body. I didn't like 27 miles of road, but even with the pavement run my La Sportive Crosslite shoes held up and did the job. Though I got looking after the race into my log book and I realized I have over 500 miles on these shoes and will have to retire them. I was the only goat out there with trail shoes on the road. This race was my eighth finish. I'm going to ten finishes and after that I will probably retire from this race due to the road. It's the only race that I run on road for years other than this race. But, aside from the negative point of view, the weather was perfect, the energy in the air was amazing. The scenery was beautiful and the American River was quite full. For the last ten miles of my race I had my son Jayden pace me. Jayden was so full of energy being the first time he had ever paced anybody on any race. Most people couldn't tell who was the pacer and who was the runner because we both had so much energy. NOT! Jayden was so excited racing with me. It felt like Christmas morning all over again. Jayden kept on saying "this is so unreal! This is so beautiful. The mountains, the river!" I simply said to Jayden "Welcome to Trail Running!"

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Antelope Island Buffalo Run 2011

I have ran the 50 mile Buffalo Run on Antelope Island every year since they have started so of course I would enter again this year. I was a bit worried to run this race because I had been sick two weeks prior for 8 days and was confined to the house. Then I was feeling better enough to run a 13 mile run on Sunday with Chad Carson. Chad is a local anaesthesiologist and a well known ultra runner. We are training for the ledvilleman this year in August. After our 13 mile run I had a relapse of illness leading up to 5 days before the Buffalo so I was debating on running. I ended up running and turns out I was feeling just fine. My LaSportiva Shoes held up very well and took me the whole 50 miles without any foot issues at all. My co worker Dixi came out and paced the last 11 miles of the run. The weather was perfect and I even PR'ed on the course.