Saturday, July 16, 2011

Leadville Silver 50 Bike Race

Need a nice challenge? Then forget this one. It’s nasty. Cut the Leadville Trail 100 in half. Remove all the easy parts. Throw in technical descents. Burning lungs. Wild animals. And I have a good understanding of what I'm about to get into.

A leadman is the focus of the year besides the other 100 mile races that I signed up for. Leadman consists of 5 races in Leadville Colorado. I chose to do the bike race over the foot race because I'm not that good of a biker and I'm not trail savey. I have a lot of fear. Unlike some bikers who has no fear. I needed to train for the 100 mile bike race which will probably be my main challenge. The race went very well. Me and my daring friend Chad Carson maintained 150th position out of about 800 mountain bikers. Where we have been training very hard on our VO2 MAX and endurance it kept us up towards the lead of the pack despite our lack of skill on the trail and bike savey. In the next 5 weeks we hope to get out at least 5 more times on the trail to fine tune our skills. This is our 5th time EVER on a mountain bike trail event. Though the bike race was very challenging and fun it will never take over my ultra running passion. I definately found a new hobby to focus on that will help take me to the next level on my ultra running. This is something that I definately reccomend to those who want to go to the extreme.

This is a USA Cycling sanctioned race.

The 50-mile out-and-back course takes racers through the historic mining district on the east side of Leadville, passing many grand and historic gold and silver mines. It will begin at the Cloud City Ski Hut (located just below Colorado Mountain College on Hwy. 24 on the south end of Leadville.