Sunday, August 29, 2010

UTMB racer profile: Utah's Cory T. Johnson

Interview of Cory be the Petzel team in France: Cory T. Johnson, 45, had set out to run the Ultra-Trail Tour du Mont-Blanc, but because it was cancelled, he changed plans and is now running the 98km alternative CCC.

This is Cory's first to Europe and he's quite impressed: "This place is totally amazing, such high mountains with glaciers. I like the beautiful architecture of Chamonix and people here are so lean," he said.

A native of Ogden, Utah, Cory is the owner of the second largest auto body repair shop in the state. He is a member of the Wasatch Speed Goats team and runs about 2300 miles a year. He runs between four and seven 100 mile races a year along with several 50 mile races. Cory placed 18th on the Hard Rock 100 in Colorado and 12th in the Bear 100 (Utah/Idaho).

He finds the terrain in the Alps a little different than his home training grounds. "The terrain here is less technical that in the Wasatch mountains."

Cory is definitely not afraid of running after the sun sets. "Night running is definitely my thing, I train almost every morning before going to work, whatever the weather. Running at night is my strong point - I feel better and go faster," he said

He runs with the MYO XP BELT with an E+LITE for a back-up. But, "In case the weather is bad, I will for sure pull out my ULTRA. It's such an incredible headlamp in terms of power," he said.

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Petzl Cory took the restart of UTMB in Courmayeur and finished 410, we met him after the race and even though he's a little deceived of not having run the full tour, he's really pleased by this experience and will for sure come back in a couple of years. Big up Cory !
August 29, 2010 at 9:05am.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Squawpeak 50 Mike

The race went well for me after the first 16 miles; I am unclear as to why? However was pleased with my 8th finish .The conditions were very good for the most part. There were some times that the heat became very evident often times like a sauna. But as soon as the heat became so intense I would go through the trees and was cooled down. I met some new people along the way and enjoyed running with them. I was trying for the first time a mix called Citomax,I am now a believer of the product. Nothing against any other .Tom Remkeys and Matt Connors uses this as well and they have been trying to get me to use the product for some time now, but have never listened to them until before the race. I can see how it feels to run an ultra without cramping in anyway. As the race progressed into mile 40 just after the highest point of the race, Windy pass I began the funniest part of the race for me because its got the most snow and or mud its fast its technical and challenging because of the rocks and ruts and challenges of each turn. The last three miles are on the oil and this year was different than most, I actually ran the entire way without any issues. The finish line was very eventful because my family was there too welcome me for a job well done. I enjoyed the visiting with some very good friends of mine and all who are very fast in their efforts of racing ultras Tom Remkies Matt Conners Karl Meltzer Scott Mason and many others that possess the same. Off to Hard Rock 100...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Timp marathon

For the past two weeks I have not ran had a new injury that I have not experienced until now, it was on my right ankle after two weeks off and a visit or two to the physical therapist Korryne Weise who owns “Body Tune I went and ran the mountain marathon called “Timp marathon “it was on the Wasatch front above a town called Timpanogos, south of salt lake city and north of Provo. The run started at six in the morning. My friends Remkes and wife Jamie and Matt Conner’s all of which are some of Utah’s fastest ultra runners drove down with me. The weather was rain and high in the mountains fresh Utah snow. The run was about the best any ultra runner could hope for, the conditions along with the beauty of the mountains. My quads and calf muscles kept locking up on me .@)&%#!!...i took every E-cap I had on me along with recover rite mix I had on me along with about ten bottles of water during the 5:55 hour run. But apparently it was not enough. Tom afterwards while setting around says as he pulled out one of his two water bottles” I guess I better start drinking my water huh?” I look at him with a glare. Tom Matt and I went back out on the course to hook up with Jamie and ran in with her. We guessed it was about four more miles. So another run behind me and gearing up for Squaw Peak 50 mile run in two weeks.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

How far are we going today dad”?
I respond to my two 14 year old girls’ who are twins. “Oh just about 5 or 6 miles”. And then about 4 miles into the race Celeste Collman recognizes the girls and said. ”Oh my heck are you two really running the whole 19 miles?” my twin girls Clarissa and Catrina both look at me in mid stride and said.”19 miles”!! With a big old grin on there faces, they knew they had been had by there dad once again.
Catrina is out of the two a bit more aggressive in her activities than Clarissa is, so I told Catrina too run your own race”, she takes off and pretty soon she is out of sight. So I ran with Clarissa and about 8 miles into the run we catch up with Catrina, we both say to each other she has got be injured? Sure enough we asked her if anything was wrong. She said my right foot hurts. So I tell her to just run with us. she does and we ended up all running most of the race together, that is until Clarissa takes off ahead of us and ends up coming to the finish line about 10 min ahead of me and Catrina. This was a good boost for Clarissa. She just broke her collar bone about a month ago and here she is running her first 30-K
Later after arriving home I looked at Catrina’s foot and to my surprise it’s a big old blistor,”Ha if I would of known that during the race I would have pushed her harder”.
This was my first time I ran in an official race with my girls, eventhough we all ran bandit” John from Striders knew about it before we started the event and he gave us his approval, we are doing trade work. I am painting his Bronco and he lets me run Bandit

Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Horny Run!

Just five days after the American river 50 mile run, I took the day off to go spend a day in some of Utah's Most remote back country around. the trails were covered in snow and I was able to run the length of it until I reached the reservoirs inlet crossed the river which was very cold. the rest of the run was motley up hill and was very muddy. I still felt strong, with a 20 pound pack on my back I quite surprised myself". the overall adventure was 22 miles and I was able to score my biggest shed antler yet. Of course the trip included a 15 manpower nap" the time I reached the truck I could tell I was starting to feel my body was in need of some rest.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

American River 50 Mile

From Sacramento to Auburn. I left Wednesday night with Marc Coleman, one of Utah's most dedicated runners. We stayed Wednesday night in Wells NV in the Motel 6. We left the next morning at 6am and went to the local eating house Bella's which serves the best hogg meat and hen eggs around. We then drove to Elko NV and stopped to visit a local business man, and friend. He owns Top Gun Auto Body. We made are way to Sacramento California Thursday night. The next day we hooked up with the speed goat team members Tom Remkes and Monica Ochs. Saturday morning at the race I made my way to the front line and saw Monica Ochs ready to race. The race went well. I had lots of energy. It was my fastest American River to date. I ran it in 9 hours 9 minutes. Tom ran the race in 7 hours 49 minutes. Monica was just minutes behind Tom.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stridders Half Marathon

We ran the Stridders Half Marathon up Ogden Canyon. The weather was really cold, and I ran with one speed goat Jim Skaggs. I had no energy. Felt like it was my first time running and I was looking around for the trails in hopes that would give me energy, but before I knew it the race was over. I completed the race in 1 hour 47 minutes.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

One Horny Run!

Out the door with one of America's fastest runners Leland Barker for a fine day of running. We often times come back with things that we find like shed antlers. The west desert mountains are amazing and breath taking "literally". The top that I'm wearing is from green layer, and it withstood all of the scrub oak and fallin down only once.