Sunday, May 23, 2010

Timp marathon

For the past two weeks I have not ran had a new injury that I have not experienced until now, it was on my right ankle after two weeks off and a visit or two to the physical therapist Korryne Weise who owns “Body Tune I went and ran the mountain marathon called “Timp marathon “it was on the Wasatch front above a town called Timpanogos, south of salt lake city and north of Provo. The run started at six in the morning. My friends Remkes and wife Jamie and Matt Conner’s all of which are some of Utah’s fastest ultra runners drove down with me. The weather was rain and high in the mountains fresh Utah snow. The run was about the best any ultra runner could hope for, the conditions along with the beauty of the mountains. My quads and calf muscles kept locking up on me .@)&%#!!...i took every E-cap I had on me along with recover rite mix I had on me along with about ten bottles of water during the 5:55 hour run. But apparently it was not enough. Tom afterwards while setting around says as he pulled out one of his two water bottles” I guess I better start drinking my water huh?” I look at him with a glare. Tom Matt and I went back out on the course to hook up with Jamie and ran in with her. We guessed it was about four more miles. So another run behind me and gearing up for Squaw Peak 50 mile run in two weeks.