Sunday, August 29, 2010

UTMB racer profile: Utah's Cory T. Johnson

Interview of Cory be the Petzel team in France: Cory T. Johnson, 45, had set out to run the Ultra-Trail Tour du Mont-Blanc, but because it was cancelled, he changed plans and is now running the 98km alternative CCC.

This is Cory's first to Europe and he's quite impressed: "This place is totally amazing, such high mountains with glaciers. I like the beautiful architecture of Chamonix and people here are so lean," he said.

A native of Ogden, Utah, Cory is the owner of the second largest auto body repair shop in the state. He is a member of the Wasatch Speed Goats team and runs about 2300 miles a year. He runs between four and seven 100 mile races a year along with several 50 mile races. Cory placed 18th on the Hard Rock 100 in Colorado and 12th in the Bear 100 (Utah/Idaho).

He finds the terrain in the Alps a little different than his home training grounds. "The terrain here is less technical that in the Wasatch mountains."

Cory is definitely not afraid of running after the sun sets. "Night running is definitely my thing, I train almost every morning before going to work, whatever the weather. Running at night is my strong point - I feel better and go faster," he said

He runs with the MYO XP BELT with an E+LITE for a back-up. But, "In case the weather is bad, I will for sure pull out my ULTRA. It's such an incredible headlamp in terms of power," he said.

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Petzl Cory took the restart of UTMB in Courmayeur and finished 410, we met him after the race and even though he's a little deceived of not having run the full tour, he's really pleased by this experience and will for sure come back in a couple of years. Big up Cory !
August 29, 2010 at 9:05am.