Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bighorn Trail 100 Mile Run

The Bighorn Trail 100 Mile Run is an arduous trail run that will take place in the Little Bighorn – Tongue River areas of the Bighorn National Forest. Starting time for the event will be 11 AM, Friday June 15, 2012, with a 34 hour (average pace of 2.94 mph) time limit to finish the event. Runners must be prepared for potential extreme temperature variation and weather conditions during the event with possible temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day in the canyons and well below freezing at night in the mountains. The course is wild and scenic traversing territory inhabited by elk, deer, moose, bears, cougars, mountain lions, and rattlesnakes with the potential for wildlife encounters with runners. Crew access points on parts of the course are limited and the runner should be prepared to carry a fanny pack and or other necessary equipment to ensure their ability to safely traverse difficult remote mountainous trails in potentially unpredictable weather conditions. The course is an out-and-back consisting of 76 miles of single track trail, 16 miles of rugged double track jeep trail, and 8 miles of gravel road with approximately 17,500 feet of climb and 18,000 feet of descent.

The Ogden Boy's took charge of the Big Horn Mountain Range!!!

9th 1079 Cory Johnson 10:02:00 15:04:28 4:36:05 10:43:12 24:43:12 46 M Ogden 14:00

t0th 1121 Tom Remkes 10:02:00 15:04:39 4:35:47 10:43:12 24:43:12 49 M Ogden 14:00

11th 1147 Bryce Warren 10:02:00 15:04:53 5:03:30 10:53:31 24:53:31 40 M Ogden 14:00

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